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American Hearing and Balance is not just the premier auditory care provider in LA. We are also a resource for our patients and their loved ones. While our staff is happy to answer any questions you may have about auditory care, we have created this FAQ page so that you can get the information you need quickly. Here are the answers to the questions we get asked the most about our practice and services.
What are over-the-counter hearing aids?


Over-the-counter hearing aids are hearing devices indicated for those over 18 with mild to moderate hearing loss. While they don’t require a prescription or a hearing exam to purchase, getting a hearing test from an audiologist will help identify the best hearing aid for your needs.

OTC hearing aids are less expensive than those requiring a prescription because they use different technology. Additionally, they are not programmable, so the end user is responsible for setting up the device, including fitting it into their ear comfortably and using an app for making adjustments to the sound tuning.

Because not all hearing loss is the same, many patients seeking over-the-counter hearing aids in Los Angeles benefit from the guidance of our hearing aid doctors at American Hearing & Balance.

Although non-prescription hearing aids are available at many retail stores, working with hearing loss experts can help you choose the right product and get it set up correctly.
Why should I visit the experts at American Hearing and Balance instead of just going to Costco?


Instead of visiting our dedicated hearing center in Los Angeles, some patients contemplate visiting a big box store like Costco to cut costs. However, this approach has some serious downfalls. Some of the most significant drawbacks of visiting Costco include:

  • You will never consult with an audiologist
  • They do not offer the latest technology
  • No financing
  • Long wait times
  • Service and hearing aid connection only available through Costco
When you trust American Hearing and Balance with your hearing aid needs, we make sure that you get world-class, customized service and great prices. We offer financing, the latest technology, and will make sure that you consult with a licensed audiologist.
Why are hearing aids so expensive?


Your ears are one of the most complex systems in the human body. Hearing aid manufacturers spend over $50 million annually on research and development to produce high-quality equipment that will perform the highly sophisticated function of sound processing and frequency response that is needed to help you hear as naturally as possible.

However, you can still get your hearing aids for a reasonable price through our financing options. We offer a variety of models to meet the needs of any patient. Our hearing center in Los Angeles only carries top brands so that you can buy with confidence and stick to your budget.
Will hearing aids help reduce my tinnitus?


Many patients experience less or no tinnitus just by placing hearing aids in their ears. We can also program white noise or other soothing sounds in the hearing aids as part of the habituation process for dealing with tinnitus.

Learn more about habitation for tinniuts
* If you would like to learn more, contact our team today and schedule a hearing evaluation.
Should I wear my hearing aids all day long?


Yes, you should wear your hearing aids during your waking hours. We recommend keeping your hearing aids in unless you are:

  • Swimming
  • Sleeping
  • Showering
  • Having your hair done
Regular hearing aid usage is the best way to get used to your new devices. Your brain will get acclimated to all of the beautiful sounds of the world.
Will hearing aids allow me to hear like normal?


Potentially – it depends on the extent of your hearing loss. If your hearing damage is mild to moderate, hearing aids can give you the ability to detect a standard range of sounds just like anyone else. When you visit our hearing center in Los Angeles, the audiologist will make sure that your hearing aids are programmed to fit the extent of your hearing loss.
What are the advantages of coming to a family business like American Hearing and Balance?


American Hearing and Balance is one of the most highly rated hearing centers in Los Angeles. In addition to L.A., we serve:

  • Torrance
  • Santa Monica
  • Manhattan Beach
  • Marina del Rey
  • Westchester
  • Westwood
  • Long Beach

We are a full-service hearing center that handles everything at our facility. We offer a patient-focused experience, friendly service, and competitive pricing. Our skilled staff performs hearing loss evaluations and can treat a variety of ear-related conditions like tinnitus and Meniere’s Disease.

If you want to work with hearing specialists who care, contact American Hearing and Balance today!

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