At this time it is unknown what causes auditory processing disorder, but there is evidence that links head trauma and chronic ear infections as some of the causes. Since there are a lot of potential possibilities, every child needs to be assessed separately.

Getting a Diagnosis for an Auditory Processing Disorder

Audiologists are able to determine if a child is dealing with APD. Even though language pathologists are able to get an understanding through interaction with the child, only an audiologist will be able to perform the testing to determine if in fact there is a problem.

There are some skills that will need to be evaluated which do not develop until a child reaches seven years of age. Younger children do not have a brain that is developed enough to be able to process large amounts of information. Many children who are diagnosed with APD are able to develop the enhanced skills over time.

Once your child is diagnosed with auditory processing disorder they will normally begin working with speech therapists. Your audiologist will be able to recommend how often they are going to need to return for follow-up evaluations.

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