Ears are not just for hearing. They are also the centers of balance in your body. If something is a bit askew in your ears, you may find your balance a bit askew as well. Your Audiologist can help by administering a test to assess your vestibular system. This system in your inner ear is a large part of whether you feel balanced. Testing this is the first step in the process. Make an appointment if you’ve noticed any signs on a regular basis.

The most severe sign of a vestibular problem is if you experience vertigo. This often occurs when you quickly change the position of your head and start to feel as if you are twirling or are unable to assess what position your body is in.

If you have a hard time steadying yourself as you walk this could be a sign of vestibular issues. Getting vestibular testing right away can protect you from injuries due to falling while you’re experiencing unsteadiness. Experiencing feelings of lightheadedness, dizziness, or a floating sensation are all causes to make an appointment.

In most cases, one of main signs of a balance problem is when you feel disoriented because there’s a difference between what your eyes see and what your brain expects to see. This is based on the input it’s getting from your vestibular system. When the fluid in your inner ear is trapped, your brain doesn’t know how to interpret the differences in visual and vestibular signals.

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