As your boss leaned past you the other day, you noticed that there was something in her ear. It was so tiny you could barely see it and you wouldn’t have noticed it if she hadn’t been so close. Not wanting to be rude, you assume it’s a hearing aid and spend your lunch hour pouring over websites on the topic because your curiosity is just too much.

What you find out ends with your own visit to an audiologist to complete your own annual hearing test. He explains to you that what you saw is the newest in hearing devices available on the market today. The CIC, or Completely In the Canal, hearing aids are no bigger than the tip of your pinky finger yet work as well as any other hearing aid choice available.

It fits entirely within the ear canal and can’t be seen or noticed unless another person is close enough to see the exposed ears and the hearing aids tucked inside. He also goes on to say that most of them have wireless capabilities, and your boss being the business lady she is, probably picked them for that very reason.

With your curiosity adequately satisfied, you return to work now wondering how to ask your boss more about her CIC hearing aids. You also want to know what hearing aid provider she sees so you can refer your dad because he refuses to wear the traditional hearing aids he has. Finally you decide there’s no tactful way to bring up the subject with her and you will just have to wait until another opportunity presents itself, and you can say, “Hey! You have something in your ear!” but with a little more tact than that.

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