For those who have kids that are over a certain age, they most likely have one or more of the following devices – gaming systems, computers and music players – possibly even all three. If you answered yes, odds are, sooner or later they will want headphones to use with these gadgets. Headphones can greatly enhance kid’s use of these learning and entertainment multimedia, but there are a few features you should look for when shopping for these headphones.

The first consideration, although it might not automatically register as important, is the right fit. Children’s heads are smaller, so headphones suitable for adults won’t fit them the right way, and might not offer the complete range of sound to them. Don’t rationalize the size difference by thinking that the child will eventually grow into them. In point of fact, the constant fidgeting and adjusting will probably lead to a shorter useful life due to damage. A number of kid’s headphones come with flexible headbands which make the first fitting easier, and which permit refitting as the youngster grows.

Sound Limiting Technology is the most critical characteristic to look for. Kids will be kids, and are going to want to play games and music at as loud a volume as possible; however, this can cause ear damage and loss of hearing. The selection of headphones really should be restricted to those headphones that don’t allow excessive volumes, and that include preset limits so that they can’t go beyond a level of 80 to 85 decibels. The decibel limit suggestion is applicable to both over-the-ear headphones and ear buds, although it is perhaps more vital for the ear buds which are worn inside the outer ear canal.

Yet another factors that moms and dads need to consider is ruggedness, because some headphones can be too fragile for use by younger children. Refer to parents’ magazines or consumer guides to learn which models of headphones have a reputation for ruggedness. It is best to balance this desire for durability with a preference for light weight, however because you don’t want your children to be running around wearing headphones which are overweight for their body size.

No matter what choice you make for children’s headphones, one last piece of advice is to limit usage to one or two hours per day. Steady sound, even through Sound Limiting Technology headphones or ear buds, can create damage to their sensitive hearing that may appear later in life.

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