Having been founded way back in 1904, Oticon is the oldest hearing aid manufacturers in the world. It began with Hans Demant and has established itself as the technology and innovation leader. One of the companies products called the Oticon Epoq exemplified the company’s commitment to innovation, features and quality.

Oticon Epoq Hearing Aid Feauture

The Oticon Epoq is known to be one of the most sophisticated and feature rich hearing aids in the world. The product offers and extensive range of benefits. For example:

The Oticon Epoqs communicate wirelessly to present you with a balanced sound picture. It will provide you with the means to interprete where the sound is coming from in relationship to people and other objects around you. In simple terms, when you hear a sound you’ll know where to look.

This sounds like a simple situation but conventional hearing aids do not offer this kind of capability in many cases. You may hear the amplified sounds but not be able to discern its source.

Higher frequency sounds are an important component of normal conversation The wide bandwidth in terms of frequency response in the Epoq allows you to discern conversations very effectively. Advanced noise management circuitry and innovative directional microphones help you to keep your attention on the people who are speaking without added noise and distractions.

The unit is ultra comfortable to wear and it provides for outstanding long term comfort. You hear everything you want to hear plus experience a range of comfort and convenience not easily found in other devices.

Epoq offers the option of having the sound receiver in the ear canal rather than positioned in the housing behind your ear. In this case the sound doesn’t have to travel through a tube which results in better fidelity and frequency response.

Epoq avoids the common problem of whistling and excessive feedback. Its anti feedback circuitry is always working to keep this from affecting your sound experience and enjoyment. It actually removes the whistling tones before they can be heard.

The unit looks great and provides you with a great deal of confidence and comfort. Customize the look with your choice of 18 different colors. It can match your hair, skin tone or even your personality. Wow!

Add the Streamer device and you can use your Epoq device to hear conversation much easier on your cellphone. It transfers the sound directly from your phone to the Epoq, thereby making it into a hands free sound headset.

And you can use Epoq to enjoy listening to TV without having to turn up the volume. Avoid the complaints of your family and friends when watching TV together. The signal from the TV can be transmitted through the Streamer and sent directly to your Epoq device.

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