It turns out that there are even more considerations than ever before for people who suffer from hearing loss. While everyone knows that hearing loss can damage other areas of your health, it has now been linked to an uptick in cases of depression in more people. For this reason, there has been an increased interest in this topic by researchers and medical professionals. They have recently come up with new results that establish this correlation. In this article we will examine this study as well as the ways that people can prevent themselves from suffering from hearing loss induced depression.

Preventing Depression

Since more people have had their hearing loss linked to other problems in their lives than ever before, it is highly recommended that they take additional steps to ensure that their hearing remains safe. For people who already suffer from hearing loss, though, their options are rather limited. You can go to therapy and discuss the causes of your depression with a professional, but more often than not the best way to treat this form of depression is by purchasing a hearing aid. While the hearing aid may not give you the full hearing that people once had, it has been effective at treating some of the depression symptoms.

The Test Program

The test that was run for this new study utilized the services of 18,000 different individuals who were told to self report any hearing loss that they may suffer. They were then asked to use a questionnaire as a means of finding out whether or not the people were suffering from depression, which was very successful in its detective abilities.

The test was performed by individuals from the US National Institute for Deafness and other Communication Disorders. The sample size and results were consistent enough for the final results to be approved throughout the scientific community with very few exceptions.

The Results

The results of the test program were very simple to understand: there is a positive correlation between individuals who had hearing loss and those who had depression in this study. While the people over 70 were predicted to have the greatest amount of hearing loss, the study did show an increasing amount of people below that age who suffered from hearing loss. Thus, while there was a much greater percentage of people over the age of 70 who suffered from hearing loss, there were far more people under this age that exhibited depression and hearing impairment systems. The study ended by reinforcing ideas behind hearing protection such as protecting your hearing while you are young and continuing to limit your exposure to loud sounds whenever possible.

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