Perhaps the greatest aspiration of many people is to find a job that is both fulfilling and safe. However, some people decide to take jobs that are not necessarily safe. While they may not involve putting their lives on the line, they can still cause serious damage to their body. For example, there are many noisy jobs that can cause hearing loss in workers. Here we will take a look at the noisiest jobs that a person can have as well as the potential harm it can cause.

Construction Work

One of the noisiest jobs that a person can hold is construction work. These crews work outside to maintain the roads or work on houses. From jack hammers to the sound of compressed air being pushed out, there are many different ways to harm your hearing. Without the proper forms of protection, a person can cause chronic hearing loss symptoms and impairment that lasts a lifetime.

Bowling Alley

While many people do not think about a bowling alley as being a dangerous work environment, the constant chatter and music puts workers at a risk for hearing loss. Also, the crash of the pins hundreds of times a day can also cause hearing loss. While it will not be as severe as listening to a jack hammer, the loss of increments of hearing can make it easier to lose other hearing sensations.

Concert Security

Anyone who has ever been to a concert can attest to the fact that the music in those areas is deafening. It is so loud that even the musicians must wear hearing protection to prevent from going deaf over time. For security workers who guard the barricade, the bursts of sound can harm people who are wearing ear plugs due to the sheer force of the sound waves.

Mining Workers

Another way that many people can go about losing their hearing on a jobsite is by mining. This necessary task involves using heavy machines and explosives to pull fuel and valuable materials from the earth. Unfortunately, this means that thousands of people put their hearing at risk every single time that they put on a hard hat. It is advised that they wear hearing protection, but some people opt out of it so that they have a greater awareness of their surroundings.

Airport Workers

Every time an airplane takes off, it can generate enough sound to cause permanent hearing damage. For people who see hundreds of take-offs each day, there is a significant risk involved with working in this area. The ground crew is responsible for guiding planes and loading luggage, and puts their hearing at tremendous risk even when they wear ear protection. These are just some of the noisiest jobs that people can have and the risks that they run by going to them each day.

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