Live Speech Mapping is the modern gold standard in hearing aid fitting. It helps hearing aid providers properly set up, fit and adjust today’s most advanced hearing aids. These advanced digital signal processing hearing devices can correct hearing loss better than ever before. To achieve that level of hearing correction, a careful and detailed fitting, personalized for each patient, is crucial.

Live speech mapping (LSM) helps hearing specialists with the complicated hearing aid set-up and customized adjustment of the latest digital hearing aids. These advanced hearing devices allow millions of possible setting combinations so that each hearing device can be personalized and tailored to each person’s needs. LSM is a fast, accurate way for your specialist to set the noise reduction, the feedback silencing and many other delicate settings. LSM ensures that your new hearing instrument will fit your exact prescription – so you’ll get the best results from your hearing aid.

High-tech LSM lets you and your audiologist actually “see” your hearing being corrected. Small probe microphones are placed in your ears, and the test is run with a real person talking to you, instead of the noises and beeps used in other, older hearing test methods. As each sound (each word your spouse or loved one says) enters your ear, you’ll “see” a chart of your hearing loss correction happening instantly on a flat-screen, computerized monitor. The doctor can explain to you the results that show up right before your eyes.

LSM makes sure your hearing aid is properly programmed so that you’ll enjoy the maximum benefit. You’ll go home with hearing aids that conform perfectly to your particular type of hearing impairment and to your uniquely shaped ear canal. You’ll be completely comfortable with the fit and performance of hearing aids tailored to your individual needs.

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