In younger children it can be very difficult to be able to detect hearing loss. It has been stated that an infant who does not startle whenever there is a loud noise or turn their head toward you when you are talking by the age of 12 months may be dealing with some form of hearing loss. Some of the other symptoms found in children include not being aware of the sounds going on around them in the environment, inability to be able to determine where a sound is coming from and speech or language skills that are not developmentally on target with their peers.

Children who are in school may begin to become frustrated with the hearing condition. It may seem as if they are not paying attention to what is going on in the classroom and by the end of the day they are extremely tired. There are a lot of times that the parent is not even aware there is a problem with their child’s hearing loss until after they have had a formal hearing test conducted. Someone who specializes in hearing and ears will be able to help determine the best treatment plan for your child.

Hearing testing is so very important. Make sure you keep an eye on your child for signs of hearing difficulty. Early testing and detection could save your child’s hearing. Be aware and be on top of the situation; get your child’s hearing tested.

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