As your child develops, it may be difficult to determine whether a hearing loss is present. To be more aware of a potential issue, it is crucial to understand the natural milestones of childhood hearing. Greater insight to the order of natural development will allow for discernment of impairment to be made with greater ease.

After birth, a child’s ability to use purposeful communication develops with communicative experiences. The majority of children are born with normal hearing sensitivity, the ability to use both ears for hearing (binaural listening), and to use these abilities to localize and comprehend speech sounds, even in noise.

If your child is:

• delayed in spoken language development
• exhibiting poorer than expected performance in school,
• frequently requesting repetition
• watching the face and mouth movements of the person speaking intently
• exhibiting behavioral or attention difficulties
• not startled by loud noises
• unresponsive to communication not in their visual view, or
• cannot locate the source of sound
• requests the volume of media be turned much louder than others
• sits exceptionally close to media in order to hear
• has difficulty comprehending speech in noisy backgrounds…

…it is time to schedule a hearing assessment.

Early identification and intervention is the key! It is important to get your child’s hearing assessed as soon as a problem is suspected. There are developmental, social, behavioral, academic, and psychological factors at stake. If you suspect your child has hearing loss, do not delay and get an appointment with your local hearing healthcare provider today!!!

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