People that often go to see the newest and best movies often forget how difficult it is for some people to interpret what is going on in the film. In fact, hearing impaired or deaf people are unable to enjoy the movies when they are released in theaters since they do not have captions in them until they are released to the public. However, there is a new promising new technology that will allow the hearing impaired to wear a special pair of glasses to show closed captions on the screen in the theater. Let us take a look at what these revolutionary glasses are all about.

Behind The Glasses

This new technology gives the hearing impaired user many benefits. This includes customizable brightness settings that are set for personal use. This will allow the wearer to see the captions on the screen in lighting that is beneficial to their vision needs. The glasses also have a technology that helps you see the captions better no matter where your seat is located.

When the movie has started and your glasses are setup for use, the device will use special sensors from either side of your head to start transmitting data from a transmitter on the device and display the captions in front of you. Basically, the captioned text will appear in front of your face allowing you to watch the movie in theaters instead of having to wait for it to be released. This is a major advancement for people who are hearing impaired, and with enough support, hopefully this technology will be more readily available in the future.

The Design

The product name for the glasses is officially known as Sony Entertainment Access Glasses, and for years this has been the tireless work of the chief administrative officer of Regal Cinemas, Randy Smith. It has been announced recently that the glasses have finally been released and have plans to have the readily available at over 6,000 theaters by the end of the summer.

Comfort Counts

Sony has a completed revolutionary design for the Access Glasses. They are very user friendly, and are made to fit everyone. The frames look like a normal pair of glasses, just larger, and have a sensor on each side. Best of all, they are designed to fit over the glasses you may be wearing, and are made to fit comfortably throughout the entire movie.

Where Can I Buy One?

At this current time, they are being put through a trial at Regal Cinemas across the United States. It is not known how long the trial phase will last, or if they will expand it further. The general opinion on the future of these glasses is whether or not it brings enough attention and viewers to the theaters.

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