Most people do not understand that there is a powerful connection between hearing loss and the overall health of the body. This notion has been proven in many different studies which examined the correlation between hearing and health. This means that poor health habits can cause some forms of hearing loss. In this article we will explore these unhealthy habits with particular emphasis on their impacts on your hearing.

Loud Noises

One of the most common unhealthy habits that cause hearing loss is due to exposure to loud noises over long periods of time. Many people put themselves in a situation that can result in harm every day without realizing it. From going to concerts to frequenting bars and clubs, there are many ways that you can expose yourself to loud sounds that will damage your hearing.

Listening To MP3

Another one of the unhealthiest decisions that you can make in terms of your hearing is by listening to an MP3 or similar music player throughout the day. The headphones that are used by these devices often direct the sound into the ear canal, and since it has no place to go but deeper into your ear, it causes damage to your ear structures.

Not Going To The Doctor

While going to the doctor’s office is a chore for most people, the simple fact of the matter is that it is a necessary part of your health. A doctor will be able to check your living arrangements for certain signs of diminishing hearing and then offer you help in maintaining it. They can also keep track of your health so that you can notify them of any changes and then begin treatment.


Another unhealthy habit that can cause hearing loss is smoking. While this may seem very surprising to some people, this is only due to the fact that it has been linked to so many other negative areas of health. However, the chemicals from smoking can build up in your body and then cause your ears to lose the ability to pick up on small vibration sounds in the inner ear.

Sedentary Lifestyle

One of the other unhealthy habits that people exhibit that can harm hearing is by having a sedentary lifestyle. Not exercising regularly can lead to obesity and diabetes, both of which disrupt healthy circulation. This means that the areas of the brain that interpret sound are starved of vital nutrients and begin to lead to irreparable damage to the hearing ability. These are all unhealthy habits that can lead to hearing loss over time.

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