You may have thought all hearing aid devices could provide a hearing impaired person with all the benefits they need to hear better. While this is somewhat true, the burgeoning technology of cell and smart phones are making these experiences even better. With the ability to achieve more positive results when used together, cell phones and smarts phones pave the way for those with hearing loss to go about their day with bravery. The hearing aid industry, receiving a big boost by cell phones and smart phones, is utilizing devices that are a leading force in the hearing impaired community because they can be used in conjunction with the capabilities of modern day hearing aids. Often times, hearing aids on their own can’t provide the power or convenience that a phone can, which is where apps on your phone come in. You receive a higher level of sound in return.

Smart Phones- Leading The Way

One big way that people who use hearing aids are taking advantage of using smart phones is through the static and noise cancelling technology inherent in the latest models. This makes sure that using a hearing aid in tandem with a cell phone will not result in feedback or static, which allows for almost total clarity while in use. This is referred to as hearing aid capability, or HAC, which means that hearing impaired people can gauge their device’s abilities before they make a purchase. Smart phones can help individuals with hearing impairment by leading the charge with superior technology. Similarly to regular cell phones, these devices often come with high-level telecoils built into their construction.

Yes, you are right, there’s an app for that! Some apps can find a syndicated television program on television while others can pinpoint subtitles for a movie a user wants to watch. In addition, users can be alerted via blinking LED lights, or they can be sent vibrations to inform them of an incoming message, phone call or text. The smart phones of today feature helpful applications for hearing impaired individuals, thanks to built-in components that make users feel safe and secure each day.

Cell Phone Technological Advancements

Most cell phones feature a T3 or T4 standard, meaning they have met and surpassed the overall power and efficiency that they are required to have in order to function well with the hearing impaired. Sufferers of hearing loss, in turn, experience a far greater range of accessibility to their cell phone. To make this clear, many modern cell phones come with a telecoil, which that is responsible for changing magnetic signals from the phone into sound signals that can be interpreted by the user. This occurs when the telecoil and the cell phone are used in conjunction.

As you can see, there are many benefits to how smart phones and cell phones bolster the use of hearing aids today, allowing for a clearer experience on a daily basis for hearing impaired individuals.

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