Historically, hearing aids, which have gone through many iterations over the last couple of hundred years, have been the traditional solution to hearing loss. Recent technology has shown that cochlear implants are becoming even more popular for individuals with high degrees of hearing loss. Those who can’t benefit from a simple hearing aid can opt to get a cochlear implant, which has several parts that are implanted beneath the skin. They are meant for both children and adults. These devices essentially are attached surgically to the wearer’s skull, allowing for a special bypass that helps interpret sound waves by the auditory nerve. These devices are ideal over hearing aids because they address much more severe forms of hearing loss.

How Do Cochlear Implants Function?

Cochlear implants are crucial for many people in which a hearing aid simply won’t provide the help they require. They operate through the use of four major components that simulate hearing, resulting in crisp, clear sound waves for optimal enjoyment. The microphone is located on the outside of the ear, which detects sounds and sends them to the speech processor that sits near the microphone. Consequently, this can be worn in other places on the body, and the place where interpretation and digitization of sound occurs. This puts it in a great place to be picked up by the transmitter. The transmitter, which fires off signals to the receiver underneath the skin, sends the signals to the electrode cluster within the cochlea. This component sits directly behind the ear and under the skin, where electrodes activate fibers on the auditory nerve for processing.

What Makes A Cochlear Implant?

Cochlear implants have many fine tuned components, most of which are located on the outside of the ear. Other components are anchored under the skin and behind the ear. The microphone, speech processor, and a transmitter comprise the external parts of the device, but the receiver and an electrode cluster comprise the parts underneath the skin.

Benefits of Cochlear Implants

Cochlear implants allow the individual to clearly pick up on sounds such as speech and surrounding environmental sound, leading the user to feel safe and secure on a daily basis. In regards to the most integral hearing devices available to the hearing impaired community, these devices are excellent for people kids and adults who live with a high degree of hearing loss.

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