A leader in hearing aid manufacturing for decades, Starkey’s line of CIC styles delivers quality sound at an affordable price. Three specific series of CIC hearing aids offered by Starkey encompass the moderate to severe hearing loss categories, assisting those who are more in need of hearing than ever.

THE WI SERIES: Named for its wireless and wi-fi capabilities, this CIC not only helps patients hear significantly better, but allows them to stream music and TV sound directly into their ears without additional hearing devices. Available in five blends of color choices, this CIC is barely noticeable from the exterior view and almost becomes invisible when matched with the wearer’s correct skin tone.

IGNITE: These little CIC’s have superior noise management and feedback cancellation so you can hear what you want to hear and don’t have to put up with whistling and shrieking in your ears. Their wireless technology helps to manage the directional sound feature so you can hear only what is being said in front of you and nothing in the background muddles it up.

THE X SERIES: The “X” stands for cancellation, which is the main focus of this particular CIC by Starkey. It’s the best choice in technology and hearing for people who have a very difficult time with filtering noise out in large crowded areas and can’t hear close conversations because of it. Like the other two series, this one is also digital.
Other extras on Starkey’s CIC hearing aids are available, although you will have to inquire of your hearing aid specialist or hearing aid provider just what other options you can have built into yours. This just gives you the basic idea of the models available and their included functions. What you want is entirely up to you.

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