Being that up to a third of people over the age of 60 are believed to suffer from hearing loss, it is now more important than ever to take measures to prevent hearing loss. One of the most basic ways that people have attempted to help their hearing is by wearing ear plugs to prevent sound from entering their ears. Now technology has caught up to these simple devices and improved them so that they have multiple benefits that can keep your hearing safe. In this article we will take a look at the different benefits of digital ear plugs, how they work, and the industries in which they offer protection.

How Do They Work?

Digital ear plugs take on the most basic property of the ear plugs that we have used in industry for the last few centuries- they block out all sound if you need them. Another one of the functions of a digital ear plug is that they are able to alter the type of frequencies that are allowed to pass through the plug and into the ear canal. Finally, these ear plugs are also capable of altering the amount of decibels that are ultimately passed through the device.

What Are The Specific Means They Use?

These digital ear plugs use a variety of technology in order to make this possible. The first thing that they do is make sure that the ear plug is fitted completely to the user. This allows them to have almost no room for sound to come through and get past the ear plugs. In terms of allowing some sounds through and not others, the ear plugs use a frequency response alteration device, making sure that there is only a certain range that is allowed through. Also, these digital ear plugs have a stop-gate technology built into them so that they can reach a sound threshold before shutting off. This prevents large amounts of sudden sound as well as prolonged sounds from entering the ear.

The Professions That Benefit From This

There are many professions that can benefit from these ear plugs. One of the professions that sees the greatest benefits is first responders and soldiers. Both of these groups are exposed to long term, tremendous amounts of noise at any given time. The stop-gate technology allows the individuals to work in a loud environment without being distracted by painful amounts of noise. Another way that digital ear plugs can help people is by amplifying the sounds that are involved in conversation, while still muting the other noises in the environment. This allows people under the duress of alarms to communicate more effectively while protecting their hearing abilities. For all of these reasons and more, digital ear plugs are becoming more and more popular.


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